Our Software Development Services include customized application development as well as product development. At GlobALL Connect, we translate your requirements into reality and create powerful solutions that are focused on increasing revenue opportunities and competitive advantages for you. We utilize the best combination of onshore and offshore talents to deliver effective project management, high quality, and on-schedule delivery which reduces your development cost.

With our Software Development Services, you get:

  • Access to a large pool of well trained and experienced engineering talents.
  • US-based project management and quality processes.
  • Extensive management reports and project documentations.

Protection of your intellectual property through secure premises and network, with failsafe development environment and data back up.

Our Software Maintenance Services enable you to support your customers in a focused way. Also, software upgrades are frequent as technology itself is advancing, and upgrading your software helps you to keep your competitive edge and increase your team’s productivity and effectiveness. With proven experience, our dedicated maintenance and support team works with you closely to examine your problems and offer appropriate support. We promptly respond to your calls and concerns and accelerate our services at your speed, rendering overall quality and customer satisfaction.

Our ALLwaysConnect™ product suite:

The ALLwaysConnect™ AWC-V200, AWC-V400, AWC-V800 Series VoIP Gateways are advanced VoIP systems that fully support H.323 and SIP standards which allow users to achieve perfect voice/fax communication over the IP network. Providing a total solution for integrating voice and data networks, the gateway connects to telephones, fax machines, PBXs, key telephone systems, or the PSTN to immediately gain the benefits of VoIP with no additional software or complex configuration. Equipped with the best-of-breed compression technology, the gateway provides VoIP calls with better voice quality than cellular or traditional PSTN phones.

Our ALLwaysConnect™ Internet Phone Gateway is an award-winning next generation “all-in-1” gateway. It features superb sound quality, rich functionalities, high level integration (integrated router, NAT, DHCP server) and compactness at an affordable price. With our Internet Phone Gateway, you can make and receiving calls to and from any phone, including your cell phone.

Our ALLwaysConnect™ Dialup Internet Phone is a state-of-the-art VoIP phone incorporating ergonomic design, ease-of-use functionality, and the full power of IP telephony. With a built-in dialup modem it can be used with or without high-speed broadband connection. The built-in dual port Ethernet switch can be used to connect the PC and IP phone on the same 10/100 base-T LAN, reducing wiring costs and complexity. Its large LCD gives you the status display in easy to read format.

Our ALLwaysConnect™ Internet Phone is a cost-effective, basic IP phone suitable for subscribers who have broadband connections and want the convenience of a phone. Our Internet Phone delivers outstanding voice quality while providing free long distance or international phone calls by simply accessing your existing Internet. It provides four interactive soft keys that guide a user through call features and functions via the text-based LCD display. It comes preconfigured. Just plug & talk. 

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